Adding column in a table for existing table using laravel migration

Adding column in a table for existing table using laravel migration
#Alter Table  In this Section of Laravel tips i have faced a problem during additions of a column to an existing table. This short snippet code show how to add an extra column to an existing table using migrations of laravel. This code is done in laravel 5.2. This is from my projects school management system Existing table Sections where i have some columns as id,sections_name,section_title. To add an extra column we create a migrations as php artisan make:migrate add_columnName_to_existingtableName Folowing code and a code pictures shows how to add an extra column teacher id to and existing table sections php artisan make:migrate add_teacher_id_to_sections Note: teacher_id is id reference’s from existing table teachers Now  what is included in the migration add_teacher_id_to_sections Here’s what included following picture shows
what we should include, We have added the schema for existing table sections as Schema::table(‘sections’, function (Blueprint $table) {        $table->integer(‘teacher_id’)->unsigned()->index();         $table->foreign(‘teacher_id’)->references(‘id’)->on(‘teachers’)  ->onDelete(‘cascade’); });
In this short snippets of code we add a column of teacher_id as an added coloumn to sections table Since, i have made a reference of teacher_id from an existing teachers table. You might be just using a normal column Also for second part we have drop the column from the table and also a foreign key. After, adding the code to this table we then run migrate refresh as php artisan migrate:refresh Then the added extra column will be added at last. Hope this little help does make sense. if there is any doubt or quires please make a comment will give feedback. Keep coding !!!! step-3.png
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