All New Adobe Express mobile app is a game-changer for global content creators

All New Adobe Express mobile app is a game-changer for global content creators

The Adobe Express mobile app is now equipped with the mind-blowing capabilities of Firefly generative AI for the first time. With Firefly, you can bring any idea to life and create stunning images for your marketing or social campaigns from anywhere. It is designed to be safe for commercial use and allows you to generate high-quality results in seconds. You can describe the image you want from scratch or ask Firefly to insert, replace, or remove aspects of your image. Additionally, Firefly offers Text Effects that can transform your headlines and text into attention-grabbing visuals limited only by your imagination.

Adobe Express is described as the "all-in-one, AI content creation app" using Adobe Firefly to blend AI innovation with human creativity. With a host of AI tools including generative fill, text-to-image generation, video editing, brand kits and text effects, the app is a streamlined way to bring your designs to life easily.

Create videos easily with just your fingertips.

With Adobe Express video editor, you'll have access to a plethora of amazing capabilities at your fingertips. There are thousands of professionally designed templates to choose from that suit any style or industry. Whether you're waiting for your flight at the airport or taking a coffee break, simply take out your phone and start editing.

Makes standout content for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Reels or Stories, and more on mobile devices. Start with existing content already on your phone—such as images, videos, or a static design—and seamlessly transform it into animated content or videos in just a few quick and easy steps. The Express video editor also allows one to edit multiple videos within a single file, making it simple to create Instagram Stories or different variations from a single video. And with rich video features like auto video captions, remove video background, character animation, video timeline and layer timing, you’ll have everything you need on-the-go to produce attention-grabbing videos that leave a lasting impact on your audiences.

More assets mean more choices and more opportunities for creativity.

Unleash your creativity anywhere with the Adobe Stock mobile app! Browse millions of high-quality assets, including over 25,000 fonts, to fuel your projects. Plus, find inspiration with a vast library of beautiful video and multi-page templates, all at your fingertips.

Craft and share content that stays true to your brand's message.

Work together, from anywhere: The beta app lets you edit and share content with anyone, on any device. Collaborate seamlessly between your phone and desktop – your files stay in sync for on-the-go work, solo or with a team. Effortlessly manage social media: Schedule, preview, and post content to your favorite platforms directly from your phone with just a few clicks. Maintain brand consistency: Upload and share your brand assets with ease. Brand Kits ensure your fonts, colors, and logos are readily available for any design, making branded content creation a breeze. Perfect for Creative Cloud users: The Express mobile app seamlessly integrates with your professional tools. Access, edit, and work with Photoshop and Illustrator assets directly within Express. Plus, these assets are linked files, so they stay updated across all your apps.
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